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Activated Carbon 
Coco Charcoal Briquettes
Activated Charcoal Powder
Carbon Coco 
Teeth Whitener
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Goldn Blak Acti
Activated Carbon (Granular )
Activated Charcoal Powder
Coco Charcoal Briquettes
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 Raw Supply of Activated Carbon and Briquettes
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We are based in the Philippines which is one of the Top producer of coconuts in the world. We also partner with multinational companies established in the US and Middle East.

We provide solutions for various applications in the field of Water, Air, Oil, Gold Mining, Food and also in Health and Beauty using Carbon Technology. 

We have adequate supply of Activated Carbon, Charcoal Briquettes, and Coco Carbon by-products that are processed using the latest state of the art technology to produce the highest quality end products.
Because of fast and easier access to technology nowadays, we can easily serve you end to end. You can directly connect with us or link you as well to our partner companies for your specific product needs. 

It will be our greatest pleasure to guide you and provide you with your needed amount of information about the company starting from the manufacturing process, to how we distribute our products to the customers and all other things related to doing business with you. 
We are driven by our dream and passion in providing the world with the best solutions to environmental and health problems with the help of activated carbon technology of the best standards.
The company continues to invest in research and innovation to improve our products and services. We envision to empower every individual to take part in making our lives better by making use of what nature has provided for us with the help of Technology.
We Can Make A Better World. A Better Future. A Better You. 
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What Our Customers Say About Gold'n Blak
Lia Camoro
I'm greatly satisfied with GnB's quality over the price. Highly recommended! I used to have another supplier before but later found out that their products are not of good quality. The time Gold'n Blak offered me a sample, I was impressed to know that the quality is a whole lot better compared to that of my old supplier. I am one happy customer and I can see myself doing business with GnB long term.
Tess Ramos
Business Owner
I'm in-love with Gold'n Blak products for a long time already. I always keep in touch with them. I am very much satisfied with their products and their very efficient, stress free customer service. I highly recommended Gold'n Blak to everyone.
Kevin Kung
MIT Company
They're an expert in product and service. They are very passionate in helping customers by providing them with very useful information about the product and how to use them so that you get the best results. They have a good and reliable source and supply. Their products are effective and worth the money I spent.
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